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How long do cats live

The life span of cats and the appropriate age for marriage
How long do cats live.

If you own a pet cat, you definitely want to know how long cats can live, as this information helps in practical planning and emotional preparedness to deal with the end of your cat's life, and although no one can tell you exactly how long your cat will live, we will tell you the life span of cats In general, and also the appropriate age of cats for mating.

The life span of cats.

ADVERTISEMENT CONTENT LIFE LIFE OF CAT The life expectancy of different cats varies, but a good average figure is 10 to 15 years. Another method commonly used by veterinarians to estimate the life span of cats is as follows:

How many years do cats live.

Cats that spend a lot of time unattended live outside the home environment until they are about seven years old, while cats that are raised indoors can only be expected to live for about 14 years.

How long does a cat live?

Another way to answer the question “How long do cats live?” It is comparing a cat's age to a human's by multiplying a cat's actual age by five years to arrive at its age compared to humans, but this method is imprecise because a cat's growth rates in its first year are very different from that of humans.

Comparison of cats' ages.

Here's a comparison of a cat's age with that of cats: ADVERTISEMENT A cat's age is comparable to a human 0-1 month 0-1 year

 2-3 months 2-4 years

 4 months 6-8 years

6 months 10 years

 7 months 12 years

12 months 15 years

18 months 21 years

2 years 24 years

 3 years 28 years

 4 years 32 years

 5 years 36 years

6 years 40 years

 7 years 44 years

8 years 48 years

 9 years 52 years

 10 years 56 years

 11 years 60 years

12 years 64 years

 13 years 68 years

 14 years 72 years

 15 years 76 years

16 years 80 years

 17 years 84 years

 18 years 88 years

 19 years 92 years

20 years old 96 years old.

How can you increase the life span of your cat?

How can you increase the life span of your cat? The best way to increase your cat's life expectancy is to provide excellent nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation, necessary veterinary care including adherence to all necessary vaccinations, protection from external dangers, and lots and lots of love and attention.

The danger of carrying kittens.

You should not start mating kittens until they are fully developed. If the kittens mate early and the kitten becomes pregnant, this may be harmful to her health, as she will then have to focus her energies on feeding the kittens instead of growing.

The right age to carry a kitten.

So your cat must be 18 to 24 months old before you think about mating, and it must be strong, i.e. healthy.

You should definitely take your cat to the vet for a full health check before considering mating, and the cat should definitely be free of ringworms and fleas.

You may also need to see your vet about genetic conditions.

Signs of desire to mate in cats.

Signs of desire to mate in cats When female cats begin to enter into cycles of warming or estrus regularly, this means that they are ready to mate, and usually the cat enters the warming phase every few weeks or so.

Signs of desire to mate in cats.

Signs of desire to mate in cats include: agitation and anxiety, uncharacteristically affectionate behavior, loud meows, urine spraying and positioning of her body in the mating position.

At the end of this article, and after you know the life span of cats and the appropriate age of cats for mating, remember that appropriate veterinary care is the prerogative of the veterinarian, so do not neglect his advice regarding your pets.

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