أخر الاخبار

He used to pray 3 hours at night

 He used to pray 3 hours at night

This is Sheikh al-Abed “Muhammad al-Mansur, may God have mercy on him.” He used to stay up at night for three hours, conversing with his Lord and calling upon Him, and one day he was late and did not wake up until an hour before dawn.

He used to pray 3 hours at night

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He was very sad because he had only been up for an hour.

It was the Sheikh’s wife who transmitted the story, as in the tape “Influential Positions from the Lives of the Contemporary Righteous Ones.”

I said: How amazing is this abiding sheikh who gets up for three hours of the night...

This work is the work of the righteous..as God Almighty said (“They used to sleep a little during the night”).

It is one of the greatest acts of worship, and only the people of the Hereafter, whose hearts are attached to Paradise, are able to do it...

He gets up and prays for 3 hours in regret for some of those affiliated with knowledge and da’wah who do not have a share of praying at night, and God helps

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