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Funny story Juha and the judge

Funny story Juha and the judge

Funny story Juha and the judge

Funny story Juha and the judge

One day, Juha was shopping, so a man came behind him and hit him with a palm on the cheek.

Juha turned to him and wanted to beat him back.

But the man apologised, saying, "I'm sorry, sir." .

I thought you so-and-so. .

 One of the strangest stories of God's love

Juha did not accept this excuse and insisted on his trial . .

And when the shouting rose between them

People suggested that they go to the judge to judge between them, so they went to the judge and it happened that that judge is close to the offender. .

And when the judge heard the story, he winked at his particular relative (I mean, do not worry, I will save you from this predicament.

Then the judge issued his ruling that the man pay the amount of 20 dinars

Punishment for hitting him. .

The man said: But, sir, the judge, I have nothing with me now. .

The judge told him while winking, go get it right now . .

And Juha will wait for you until you bring her.

So the man went

And Juha sat in the judge's council, waiting for his opponent to bring the money. .

But the wait was long. .

Hours passed and the man did not attend. .

Juha understood the trick. .

Especially as he was looking for an explanation for one of the winks that the judge directed his opponent. .

So what did Juha do?

He got up and went to the judge and slapped him on the cheek, a slap from which his turban flew.

And he said to him: If my opponent brings the 20 dinars, it is yours

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