أخر الاخبار

 First: I am human

The beginning is to admit that each of us has the right to respect others, just because of our existence, only because we are human beings, regardless of any other reasons, we do not have to accept the desires and preferences of others, everyone must choose for himself what he wants, without showing any Explain or justify to others.

First I am human

The phrase that I am a human being includes a precise psychological part. The mind will accept everything we tell it if we repeat this phrase sufficiently. The issue here is not that what we say is right or wrong, positive or negative. If we repeat these words enough, we will believe in them in the end. , This method helped individuals to meet negative feelings in positive terms, and this method is usually called self-neighborhood.

If you look at your picture in the mirror every day for thirty days, and repeat out loud fifty times with conviction: I am a good seller, or I will be the first in this course, your mind will accept what you say as if it were a reality, your confidence will increase, and your desire to perform Things that are critical to success such as identifying prospects, persevering, refining your presentation, making contacts with clients, attending all educational classes, etc. Convincing yourself of your ability is an important first step to achieving any goal.

Experts say that the most important component that makes children gain a sense of self-worth is likely to be appreciated by others for their unique personality traits, mind, intelligence, and talents. Our relatives.

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