Crispy Chicken Pasta

Crispy Chicken Pasta

There is nothing sweeter than pasta that is drowned in cheese sauce and topped with crispy chicken and grilled with barbecue sauce or ketchup.

Crispy Chicken Pasta

Fried Fillet Dip Ingredients

Chicken pasta ingredients

A kilo of boiled pasta

 Ground Cheetos Family...Optional

liter of milk

4 spoons of flour

4 spoons as butter

 yellow cheddar cheese

 red cheddar cheese

mozzarella cheese

Cream cheese... optional

Parmesan or romano

Salt and Pepper

Tom and onion powder



How to prepare pasta with chicken.

A sweet dessert with butter, melt it with flour, stir for two minutes, add the milk, and stir together on a medium heat. We add salt, pepper, onion powder, tom powder, paprika, and a little mustard. When the mixture boils from its letters, we bring down the fire and bring it down with all the types of cheese written above with stirring and bring down the boiled pasta and stir well and just your sweet plate You put a little macaroni and a little cheetos and mozzarella, and so on, layers on top of each other, and in the end, crispy chicken and BBQ, and grilled green onion sticks, just a masterpiece.

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