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chartered cats

chartered cats

 The Chartreuse cats is one of the oldest French cat breeds.

 of the Chartreuse cat

 The Chartreux cats is characterized by its blue color and shiny golden eyes. The Chartreux cat is one of the oldest cat breeds in France, and is considered the first cat of France.

Characteristics of the Chartreuse cat.

The most important characteristics of the Chartreuse cats include the following:
Length (to the top of the shoulder): 24-30 cm.
Weight: 3-6 kg.
Life span: 12-15 years.
 Intelligence: high.
 Activity level: calm

As for the hair of the Chartreuse cat, it is characterized by the following:
Hair length: short.
 Hair Loss: Medium.
 Hair colour: blue and gray.

The cat Chartreuh features.

 The Chartreuse cat has short gray fur, the face is round, and the eyes are shiny and copper-colored. The body of these cats is huge, muscular, and their limbs are short and slender. ADVERTISEMENT Plain blue or gray hair or fur is a hallmark of the Chartreaux cat breed, although young kittens can have some light markings or spots but they go away with age.

This cat's hair falls profusely, especially in the spring. The Chartreuse cat breed is slow to mature, reaching puberty within three to five years.

The difference between the Chartreuse cat, the British cat and the Russian cat.

The difference between the Chartreuse cat, the British short-haired cat and the Russian blue cat Some confuse the Chartreuse cat, the British short-haired cat and the Russian blue cat, but there are ways to distinguish these three gray cats from each other as follows:

The Russian blue cat is the difference between it and the Chartreau cat.

 Russian blue cat: his hair tends to a silver color, and the hair is more dense and luxurious than the Chartreuse cat.

The British cat and the Chartreaux cat, the difference between them.

 The British cat is short-haired: it has a broad head, and is generally a larger breed in size than the Chartreuse.

The Russian Blue Cat The British Shorthair Cat Character and features of the Chartreuse cat These wonderful cats are independent and somewhat conservative, and they can entertain themselves without asking for attention from you, but they love their owners, and love to stay close to them, and they show this by moving with you from room to room or sleeping in your bed.

The Chartreaux cat is very calm.

Chartreaux are also very calm and rarely use their voice, and it seems that the Chartreux sometimes uses body language instead of vocalizations.

Nature cats Chartreaux.

The Chartreuse's laid-back nature makes it suitable for staying indoors on its own while you are out for work, but it does well in the company of another cat or dog. Chartreuse cats are polite, obedient and generally obey the rules.

Cats Chartreuh good at hunting.

Known for their hunting prowess, their strong hunting instinct, and their super-fast reflexes, Chartresses are an excellent mouse hunter thanks to their quiet, alert nature.

Chartreuse cats love action games.

 These cats love toys that move like a feather spinning in the air as a result of their hunting and chase instinct.

Chartres cats are very smart.

Chartreuse cats are very intelligent, and quickly recognize their names.

Characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of a chartreuse cat.

 Specifications, character, advantages and disadvantages Disadvantages of a chartered cat Advertisement on the wonderful site, except that some disadvantages such as: Do not expect a chartered cat to welcome your guests, this indicates that he is conservative with strangers.

Breeding small cats around the house, such as hamsters, because the cats are skilled by nature.

The Chartreuse sheds a lot of hair, and you should set aside time every day to comb it, as this is important because knots can form in the hair if it is not combed regularly.

Chartreuse cat health problems.

Health issues of the Chartreuse cat is generally considered to be a healthy pet and has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, however; These cats are prone to some health problems such as:
Urinary tract problems.
 Kidney disease.
Patellar luxation; It is a genetic dislocation of the patella that can range from mild to severe, and mild luxation of the patella rarely causes problems.

Severe cases cause lameness, but it can be relieved and treated with surgery

Chartres cats.

 At the end of this article, and after knowing all the information you need about the chartreuse cat, you can now decide whether you want to breed this wonderful cat in your home or not.

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