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Characteristics of Persian cats

 persian cats

Shirazi cats are one of the best cat breeds as well as the most famous in the world.

Characteristics of Persian cats.

Characteristics of Shirazi cats Shirazi cats are distinguished by their beautiful shape and long hair, and Shirazi cats are not all of the same type, but they have many types.

Persian cat types

Types of Shirazi cats In fact, there are countless types of Shirazi cats or other types of cats such as the Pharaonic cat or the Persian cat, but we are here on this topic to talk only about the main types of Shirazi cats, which include:

Persian cat moon face
Persian cat moon face

Persian cat moon face.

Persian cat Doll Face Persian (Moon-Face).

Persian cat Becky Face.

The Peke-Face Persian cat.

Chinchilla Persian cat.

Exotic Shorthair.

 Persian cat Teacup Persian. 1- The Shirazi cat head of the doll - the moon face cat

Persian cat moon face.

The Doll Face Persian cat is the traditional Persian cat, and it is also believed to be the original Persian cat. The Doll Face Persian cat looks almost like the oldest available pictures of the Persian cat. This reinforces the idea that it is the original Persian cat.

Specifications of the Persian cat moon face.

The face of this type of Shirazi cat is distinguished by its distinctive roundness, and the nose is characterized by a natural length commensurate with the rest of the face. Therefore, the Shirazi Doll Face cats can breathe easier than some other Shirazi cats, and they suffer from fewer problems with the eyes and their secretions compared to other types.

These cats do not usually suffer from the health problems that this breed is known for because they do not have a flat face and a round face.

Characteristics of the Persian cat moon face.

The Shirazi Dol Face cat is characterized by having long hair, and the Persian Dol Face cat is also characterized by a variety of colors. This long hair needs daily care and combing.

Shirazi cats in the moon face in the Arab countries.

Noticeable; This type of Shirazi cat may be called colloquially in the Arab countries as the moon face because it has a distinctive round face.

Persian cat Becky Face
Persian cat Becky Face

Persian cat Becky Face.

ADVERTISEMENT 2- The Persian cat Peaky Face or the flat-faced Persian cat.

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Characteristics of the Persian cat Becky Face.

 The Peke-Face Persian cat has a genetic mutation that makes its face very flat, and when you look at the face of this cat, you feel that the nose is in the middle of the space between the eyes. These cats have a square head, a small nose and a long jaw. They also have round cheeks and large round eyes.

Oftentimes, their noses appear to be placed directly between their eyes. Peaky Face cats require a lot of care and attention from their owners to regularly brush and comb their long hair, in addition to wiping the thick eye secretions that may cause frequent staining of the hair around the eyes. 

persian chinchilla cats
persian chinchilla cats

Shirazi cat chinchilla.

 3- Chinchilla Persian cat Chinchilla Persian is a unique type of these cats. The Persian cat Sanchilla has thick hair.

The reason for the name of the cat Shirazi Chancella.

It is named after the chinchilla rodent in South America, which also has thick white hair.

Persian cat color chinchilla.

Shirazi chinchillas are usually silvery white, their eyes are doll-like, and their lips and nose are outlined in black. Chinchilla cats have green or blue eyes. Chinchilla cats have some health problems, as they are prone to kidney disease and heart problems, and a flat face may make it difficult to breathe.

Disadvantages of the Persian cat.

The structure of the face of the Persian Peaky Face makes it difficult to breathe. If this cat catches a cold, it becomes almost impossible to breathe normally, and many of this type of Persian cat suffer from asthma. 

Intruder Persian cat
Intruder Persian cat

Intruder Persian cat.

4- The Exotic Shorthair The Exotic Shorthair was crossed to be the short-haired alternative to the Shirazi cat, and they have a flat face and large eyes.

Characteristics of the intruder Persian cat.

The intruder Persian cat can clean itself, unlike other types of Persian cats.

The cause of difficulty breathing for Persian cats.

The face shape of the intruder Persian cat may cause health problems related to Persian cats, such as difficulty breathing, and they also suffer from tear duct drainage problems.

These cats are more playful and active than the traditional long-haired Persian cat.

Shirazi cats cup of tea
Shirazi cats cup of tea

Shirazi cat teacup.

 5- Shirazi cat teacup The Persian teacup cat is crossbred to be small in size, as breeders aim to produce the smallest possible Persian cats, which are small cats characterized by a wonderful and adorable shape, but you should think twice before buying one.

Disadvantages of Shirazi cats teacup.

The size of these small cats increases their health problems, as the small size of their faces than normal makes it difficult to breathe greatly.

 These cats also face challenges in regulating body temperature and dealing with stress. This type of Persian cat is considered one of the most expensive species.

Cats prices in Shirazi in Egypt.

Prices of Shirazi cats in Egypt The price of a single Shirazi cat starts from 300 Egyptian pounds, and rare hybrid species may reach 5000 Egyptian pounds.

Persian cat prices in Saudi Arabia.

The prices of Shirazi cats in Saudi Arabia also vary according to the age and type of the cat, as its price starts from 200 Saudi riyals and rare species reaches 2500 Saudi riyals.

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