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Causes and treatment of cat hair fall

 Causes and treatment of cat hair fall

Hair loss in cats is one of the common problems that everyone who owns a pet cat and raises at home knows, and cat hair loss can be partial or complete, and in the next article we tell you the reasons for cat hair loss

Causes of cat hair fall.

 Causes of cat hair loss, there are several different reasons that help cat hair fall significantly, as some cats often suffer from skin allergies, which may cause hair loss,

Causes and treatment of cat hair fall

Parasites help in cat hair fall.

In addition, the parasites that cause scabies, and fungal infections such as ringworm, are also common causes of cat hair loss, especially in kittens or those with other health problems.

Which helps in the hair fall of cats nervous disorders.

Neurological disorders such as excessive grooming of the cat can also cause hair loss in cats by charring the cat itself in a strong way that causes its hair to fall out, and hormonal imbalances, especially thyroid disorders or increased levels of steroids in the body, can lead to cat hair loss .

Pain helps in hair loss in cats.

 Pain in cats may also cause hair loss. Cats with arthritis may lick at the site of pain, causing hair loss at the site of pain.

Genetic factors that shed your cat's hair.

 Another, but less common factor for cat hair loss is genetics, and cat hair loss is more common in older cats who are diagnosed with some types of cancer.

One of the causes of cat hair loss is hair infection.

Ringworm infection is a fungal infection. A ringworm infection causes a scaly ring of lost hair. Your vet can diagnose this infection in your cat or not, and your vet will prescribe antifungal creams, ointments, medicated baths, or even oral medications for your cat. to treat it.

What are the ways to treat domestic cat hair loss? 

Diagnosing cat hair loss The vet will first examine the hair loss and likely check for the presence of fleas and flea dirt. If the vet thinks the hair loss is caused by a skin problem, a biopsy or bacterial culture may be performed. Mostly, blood tests are done by a specialist doctor to determine if there are thyroid disorders or others
One of the hormonal imbalances that cause cat hair to fall out.

 Various imaging tools, such as x-rays and ultrasound, are also used to rule out signs of cancer or abnormalities in the adrenal glands.

Cat hair loss treatment.

Treating cat hair loss If the hair loss is caused by fleas, your vet will prescribe an effective method for flea and tick control and recommend products to clean your home.

Cat hair loss due to skin disorders.

If hair loss is caused by a skin disorder such as skin erosion, thyroid imbalance, or other hormonal imbalance, there are cat medications and topical treatments available for each case, but a specialized veterinarian must be consulted first.

Cat hair loss due to a behavioral problem.

If your cat's hair loss is caused by a behavioral issue, your vet may prescribe medications to treat cat anxiety. Treating the underlying problem may prevent further hair loss.

Tips to help you treat your cat's hair loss.

Important tips In addition to giving your cat the appropriate medication to treat hair loss, you should monitor the cat's condition well to make sure it does not get worse. Also, follow-up care with a competent veterinarian is very important to maintain the health of your cat's skin.

Cat hair fall prevention.

 To avoid cat hair loss, keep your cat flea medication to prevent an infection that can cause hair loss. Provide the cats with cat toys and set aside time to play with your cat to stimulate it mentally and to avoid hair loss due to nervous disorders, anxiety and stress.

In the end, and after you know the causes of cat hair loss, as well as ways to treat domestic cat hair loss, remember that proper veterinary care is the prerogative of the veterinarian, so do not neglect his advice regarding your pets.

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