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 cats herpes

Cats herpes

Cat impetigo, or ringworm in cats, or ringworm infection in cats, is one of the most common types of cat skin fungi, and it is a fungus that affects both cats and humans.

 Read this entire article to learn the signs and symptoms of ringworm in cats so you can treat it and prevent its spread.

Symptoms and treatment of cat impetigo

What is cat ringworm?

Ringworm is a skin infection of cats caused by a fungus that grows on the hair, skin and nails. This fungus can infect cats, dogs, and humans as well. These fungi feed on protein in the hair and skin of cats. Small cats and long-haired cats are more likely to get this infection, which is called “ringworm” because of the round sores it forms on the skin.

Signs and symptoms of cat impetigo.

 The most famous and prominent sign of ringworm in cats is the appearance of round bald patches on the cat's body that reveal pink, scaly sores. These circular patches usually appear on the front legs, ears or other parts of the cat's head, but they may appear anywhere on the cat's body, especially in Severe infections.

cat fungus and its treatment

The bald patches of hair on the cat's body appear red, itchy bumps and may have open sores. You will find the affected cat constantly scratching and rubbing the same affected area.


Causes of cat impetigo infection.

Causes of a cat impetigo infection Your cat can become infected with ringworm when there is direct contact with other animals that have ringworm.

Your cat can contract ringworm indirectly, by touching the objects of another infected animal, such as bedding, food dishes and water bowls, toys, and other objects that have been touched by the infected animal.

Is ringworm of cats contagious to humans?

 Ringworm is a common disease, which means that it is a disease that can be transmitted from animal to human, and humans become infected with this infection by dealing with the infected cat directly or indirectly, for example by handling the infected cat's tools.

Also, people with weakened immunity, such as the elderly and young adults, are more likely to get a ringworm infection. Diagnosing cat impetigo Veterinarians often use a Wood's lamp (a diagnostic instrument that glows with ultraviolet light) to identify ringworm.

Its spores glow green when exposed t ultraviolet rays.

 Cats herpes 

The vet may need to send a sample of the cat's hair or a scrap of skin to the laboratory for examination under a microscope, and a culture can also be made for the mushrooms to grow on it so that doctors can analyze it.

Cat herpes treatment.

 It takes time to recover from a ringworm infection or ringworm in cats, so the sooner you can start treatment, the better. The first step in treating ringworm in cats is through a proper diagnosis by your veterinarian.

 Treatment for cats includes:

Antifungal medications Veterinarians usually treat ringworm infection in cats with a combination of oral antifungal medications such as itraconazole, and a topical antifungal ointment containing antifungals.

It is applied to the skin of cats to treat impetigo.

Your vet may also recommend medicated baths. You can see an improvement in your cat's condition within four weeks of treatment, but keep in mind that your cat will still be contagious for at least three to six weeks after starting treatment so be careful.

Continue treating your cat.

Make sure to follow your cat's treatment plan as directed by the doctor even if your cat starts feeling better before the treatment ends, it is essential to continue giving your cat antifungal medication for as long as your vet recommends, Dr. The infection is more likely to return if you stop treatment too soon.

You can get acquainted with the treatment of cat fungus at home in medical and natural ways, but we advise you to consult a doctor first before trying any of the natural recipes, as they have not been proven effective or safe so far.

You should also disinfect the house. After your cat has been diagnosed with ringworm and started to treat it, an important part of the treatment will need to disinfect your house to kill any fungi present, as follow

 Home cleaning involves cleaning all surfaces and bedding thoroughly and then applying a solution of bleach diluted with water to the surfaces after your general cleaning routine to kill ringworm spores. you should pay attention; You should leave the bleach solution in contact with the surface for a full ten minutes to ensure the area is disinfected

Prevention of cat herpes infection.

Feline impetigo or ringworm is highly contagious in cats but can also be prevented if appropriate steps are taken:

Washing your hands before and after handling your cat is the easiest way to reduce the possibility of you or your cat getting ringworm. Do not let your cat play with cats that live outside the house.

Maintain a healthy living environment for you and your cat. Refrain from touching your cat if you have ringworm until your doctor determines that you are free of infection.


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