A wise story of an ancient emperor of Japan

A wise story of an ancient emperor of Japan

A wise story of an ancient emperor of Japan

It is said that there was an emperor in Japan, who threw a coin before each war he fought, and if a “picture” came, he would say to the soldiers: We will win, and if “writing” came, he would say to them: We will be defeated.

What is striking in the matter is that this man never had his luck in writing, but the piece always came on the picture, and the soldiers fought enthusiastically until they were victorious.

Years passed and he achieved victory after another, until he advanced in age, and his last moments came while he was dying.

So his son, who will be emperor after him, entered upon him and said to him: Father, I want this coin from you, to continue and achieve victories.

The story of the three commandments of the Sultan.

So the Emperor took the piece out of his pocket, and gave it to him. The son looked at the first face and it was a picture, and when his heart was subjected to a great shock, the other face was also a picture!.. He said to his father: You deceived people all these years!.. What do I tell them now!.. My father The hero is a deceiver?!.. The emperor replied: I have not deceived anyone.. This is life. When you fight a battle, you have two options: the first option: victory, and the second option: victory!.. Defeat is achieved if you think about it, and victory is achieved if you trust in it!

The lesson: We do not overcome life's worries by luck, but by trusting God and self-will.

As one of the sages says:

What you are afraid of may happen to you if you keep thinking about it, always think about what “makes you happy” .. and always stay away from what “worries you”

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